Mechanical damage

Postnatal swelling


prevent treatment

Udder related issues are one of the most common reasons for excluding cows from the production cycle.

dowiedz się więcej o problemach z wymieniem

Main causes of Mastitis

Chronic inflammation of the udder caused by micro-organisms, adverse environmental factors or genetic conditioning

Drobnoustroje przyczyny problemów wymienia-leczenie Evo Gel


Przyczyna problemów z wymieniem nieodpowiednie otoczenie - żel na wymiona


Problemy z wymieniem - uwarunkowania genetyczne - środek na wymiona

Genetic conditioning

Effects of Mastitis

Mastitis lowers the milk yield and deteriorates milk parameters. Mastitis adversely affects the herd causing the culling of cows and significantly increases the cost of breeding related to treatment and purchase of new animals.

występowania mastitis u krowy wyższe koszty

Milk yield


Productive lifetime

Evo Gel zmniejszya ryzyko pojawienia się zapalenia wymienia

The occurrence of mastitis already in one cow poses a threat to the entire herd, therefore it is important not only respond immediately in case of illness, but also to perform adequate preventive treatment.

About 30-50% dairy cows in UE have udder infected by micro-organisms causes mastitis.

Evolution of MASTITIS preventive treatment

EVO GEL is line of 3 revolutionary products designed for appropriate mastitis prevention and support of its treatment. Their formula helps to reduce the risk of mastitis in the herd and will help fighting against its consequences should the illness occur.

  • EVO GEL Hot

    Warming gel dedicated for the first symptoms of the mastitis.

  • Due to content of natural ethereal oils it stimulates blood circulation and acts relaxing on the skin. Preparation supports natural protection of the udder.

  • 1. clove ethereal oil - acts antiviral and antibacterial, warms, stimulates the blood circulation.

    2. chilli extract - warming properties, stimulates blood circulation.

    3. camphor - acts anti-inflammatory and disinfectant; stimulates the blood supply to the skin.

  • EVO GEL Cool

    Cooling gel helping in edemas and swelling.

  • Thanks to the content of natural substances it reduces the painfulness of the udder. Cooling properties facilitates decreasing edemas.

  • 1. peppermint ethereal oil - acts protectively and antibacterial

    2. chestnut extract - antiedemic properties, stimulates blood circulation

    3. glycerin - enhances softness and elasticity of the skin

  • EVO GEL Mix

    Caring gel for everyday use.

  • Facilitates regeneration of the udder in the periods of increased risk of the mastitis. Moistures the skin and makes it more elastic.

  • 1. aloe extract - anti-inflammatory, regenerates and moistures

    2. eucalyptus ethereal oil - sooths edemas and inflammations, has antiseptic properties

    3. menthol - anti-inflammatory properties, ensures long-lasting cooling effect

Recomendations of customers

Evo Gel rekomendacje środka zwaczającego Mastitis
  • EVO gel helped me to fight effectively against mastitis. Thanks to EVO gel I spared a lot of money.

    Maciej Pawłowski

    Maciej Pawłowski stosuje żele na wymiona EVO GEL
  • Thanks to the packaging of EVO GEL using udder gels is no longer unhandy. I can hang this bottle with hook in every place of milking parlor.

    Zbigniew Baranowski

    Baranowski używa EVO GEL do profilaktyki zdrowego wymienia
  • I use EVO GEL Hot when I notice any problems with the udders of cows. Thanks that I avoid any serious complications.

    Paweł Pietrzak

    Paweł Pietrzak używa żelu EVO GEL Hot na problemy z wymionami krów
  • Thanks to EVO GEL Cool I get rid of post-calving odemas. Gel is also useful in case of swellings of different origins.

    Łukasz Czyżyk

    Łukasz Czyżyk ogranicza brakowanie krów, dzięki używaniu żeli na wymiona
  • I use EVO GEL Mix for the prophylaxis, because I want to get rid of the udder problems in my cows.

    Robert Kubiak

    Robert Kubiak zadbał o odpowiednią profilaktykę wymienia z żelem EVO GEL Mix
  • Only appropriate prophylaxis can reduce waste in breeding, so I decided to use EVO GEL.

    Stanisław Rosiak

    Stanisław Rosiak dzięki EVO GEL z powodzeniem walczy z problemami wymion u swoich krów
  • I have been looking for a long time for cheap, but effective solution that will help to regenerate the udders. Finally I found EVO GEL, that turned out to be surprisingly effective.

    Barbara Tomczak

    Barbara Tomczak wspomaga regenerowanie wymienia krów używając żeli EVO GEL marki OVER Agro.
Evo Gel rekomendacje środka zwaczającego Mastitis

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